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Job Description

The Developing Firefighter Recruit Academy is a multiple week training and development program designed to prepare the Recruit for a successful career in the fire service. The recruit must achieve mastery of skills with the essential functions of firefighting during the academy. Employees in this class and rank work under the direct supervision of the Training Division staff and are in a probationary status. Employee must be able to perform the essential duties and meet the physical demands and training requirements of the Academy.

Essential Duties

  • Many of the following essential duties are derived from the standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, NFPA 1001, 2007 Edition. This is in addition to the acceptable and expected practices of the West Metro Fire Protection District. All duties, while specifically categorized, shall apply throughout.
  • Prior to being permitted to participate in live fire training evolutions, the student shall have successfully completed training to meet the job performance requirements for firefighter I in NFPA 1001, Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications, related to the following subjects:
1. Safety
2. Fire behavior
3. Portable extinguishers
4. Personal protective equipment
5. Ladders
6. Fire hose, appliances, and streams
7. Overhaul
8. Water supply
9. Ventilation
10. Forcible Entry

Category 1 – General:
  • The employee follows orders. The employee respects and utilizes the chain of command, complies with District rules and regulations, Administrative Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Academy Rules and Regulations, Academy Testing Policy, Academy Statement of Fundamental Values, and any and all other District references (i.e. NFPA standards, Code of Federal Regulations, OSHA requirements). The employee is able to accept advice and constructive criticism in a positive manner as well as adhere to the Academy code of conduct, as well as the Administrative Procedure #1001 while on or off duty. Performs all related work as required and assigned.
  • Demonstrates the ability to act without direct supervision, exercise independent judgment, shows initiative, and integrity in all situations. Applies new information that has been provided to make prompt and effective decisions in both routine and non-routine situations.

Category 2 – Communications:
  • Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills. Effectively uses Department radios through clear voice projection. Writes completely and accurately, and uses acceptable grammar, punctuation and spelling. Can operate and function within all associated computer and electronic equipment as assigned.

Category 3 – Emergency Service Delivery and Scene Operations:
  • Retains current EMT certification through the State of Colorado.
  • Uses and maintains Personal Protective Equipment including SCBA according to Department Standards.
  • Exercises a variety of fire fighting skills and methods including but not limited to forcible entry, proper placement and use of ground ladders, search and rescue, horizontal and vertical ventilation, interior fire attack, overhaul, salvage operations, securing a water supply, proper use of extinguishers, illumination of the fire scene, vehicle extrication, and evidence protection. Is also skilled in exterior fire attack on vehicle fires, flammable liquid fires, flammable gas fires, electrical fires, and Class “A” fires including grass and brush fires.
  • Driving is essential to this position. Failure to maintain a valid Driver’s License and safe driving record is subject to Administrative Procedure #4104 Operation and Use of Department Vehicles.

Category 4 – Preparedness, and Maintenance:
  • Maintains physical conditioning and fitness standards as set by current Department policies/procedures, and demonstrates the ability to meet the physical demands of the job. The Academy offers a limited time frame for a recruit to achieve mastery of skills with all essential functions of firefighting. Because of this the Academy places high physical demands on the individual and therefore the individual Must obtain the following minimum physical fitness requirements:
1. The recruit must be able to successfully complete the West Metro physical ability test within the minimum required hiring standard prior to and throughout the Academy.
2. Recruits will be required to achieve 16 Mets and complete a 1.5 run within 12 minutes by the end of the 8th week or the recruit will be put on a prescription, under the Wellness Manager and academy staff. A “MET” level of 16 or greater is required to complete the following essential fire ground functions that are a mandatory component of the academy curriculum. These fire ground essential functions consist of ventilation with an ax, carrying an uncharged standpipe hose pack to the third story, 3 story stair climb in full gear with 1 ¾” hose-line and 185lb victim extraction of 30 yards or greater. The 1.5 mile run mimics the environment of a firefighter breathing air from a self contained breathing apparatus of 12 minutes with continuous movement.
  • Maintains, cleans and repairs fire and EMS equipment, apparatus and quarters.
  • Responsible for personal safety and that of all assigned personnel and required to report any safety issues to the immediate supervisor.

Knowledge Skills & Abilities

• Knowledge of fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency medical techniques and special operations will be gained throughout the Academy. The Recruit will need to meet the requirements of the Academy Testing Policy throughout the Academy Process.
• Ability to work under stressful conditions and adapt quickly to changing situations.
• Ability to control vehicles and learn to skillfully operate Department apparatus routinely and under emergency situations.
• Ability to integrate well with all employees on both a professional and interpersonal level.
• Ability to adapt to the academy environment. Maintains the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, other agencies, and citizens.
• Ability to meet and pass specific, established physical fitness requirements. Physical strength and agility shall be such as to be able to perform arduous tasks under strenuous and adverse conditions.
• Ability to learn a wide variety of firefighting, EMS, and Special Operations duties, evolutions, and methods within a reasonable training period.
• Ability to understand written and oral instructions.

Material and Equipment Directly Used - To include, but not limited to: computer, software, keyboard, telephone, hand radios, keypads, office supplies, copy machine, fax machine, digital camera, filing cabinets, boxes of files/paperwork. Vehicles and equipment related to firefighting which includes fire hoses, nozzles and appliances, axes, hydraulic jacks, sprinkler stops, high pressure air packs, shovels, hydrant wrenches, wyes, forcible entry tools, fire extinguishers, exhaust fans, ropes, bolt cutters, hammer, ladders, saws, hydrant bags, valves, flashlights, small hand tools and other equipment specifically related to the fire service, rescue, EMS and Special Operations, as well as all assigned PPE including SCBA. Must be able to lift and operate all equipment located on all ambulances and fire apparatus. Vehicles including: SUVs, step vans, sedans, station wagons, and fire apparatus.Applicant Must Have -
The Recruit must have these three items when applying: 
Must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D. before you apply 
Must have EMT- B before first day of the academy
Must have CPR Certification before first day of academy 
The Recruit must successfully achieve the 6 requirements prior to the completion of the Academy:
1. Driver Operator I
2. IV Certification
3. CMCB Haz-Mat Operations Certification
4. Wildland NWCG Red Card for Basic Firefighter (S130/S190)
5. Car Seat Technician
6. CMCB FF1 and FF2

Working Environment/Physical Requirements

Firefighters perform hazardous tasks requiring strenuous exertion during firefighting, rescue, and emergency situations while being exposed to conditions such as extreme heat, smoke, cramped and/or hazardous surroundings. Recruits must be able to work extended hours doing strenuous repetitive drills in all areas of emergency service delivery.

This work is performed in all weather including extreme weather conditions with temperatures below 32 degrees and temperatures in excess of 100 degrees for extended periods of time.

The potential to work in hazardous surroundings exists at all times which includes a variety of physical conditions such as proximity to moving mechanical equipment, electrical currents, working on ladders or in high places, and hazardous materials.
Recruits are required to work a flexible schedule as required by the West Metro Fire Academy Rules and Regulations.

Recruits can be exposed to high noise levels and are often required to wear hearing protection during daily duties.

Extreme atmospheric conditions may exist which can affect the respiratory system or skin. This includes exposure to gases, chemicals, fumes, mists, dusts, radiation and/or poor ventilation.

This work requires varying degrees of physical responses from sedentary work to very heavy work due to the nature of the Academy.

A wide variety of physical activities are inherent to this position including; lifting, climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crawling, etc., as well as exerting a substantial amount of weight or force at any given time.

Recruits must have the ability to use strength and quickness at all times.

This work requires the ability for integrating professionally and socially with a diverse group of people.

Recruits must maintain considerate living practices such as certain standards of good hygiene, and must abide by all grooming standards.

All firefighters are required to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus for extended periods of time.