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Personal Assistant to Director, Worldwide Travel, $40k-$60k

As Personal Assistant to the Director, you’ll work closely at his side and have more direct involvement in every aspect of the business than anyone else.

This is a dynamic and varied role, supporting a highly successful entrepreneur, with worldwide travel, starting salary of $40k-$60k, 28 days paid holiday and great benefits!

Based in Denver, CO.

The Role

Your primary responsibility is best summed up as ensuring that all of the Director's plans and decisions are actioned, followed up and recorded. That follow-up will sometimes be by yourself (liaising with a Web Developer or Hospital Director after a meeting to ensure that key action points are delivered) and reporting back. Other times, it will be reminding the Director of actions required of him and providing executive support to make those as easy as possible.

The Director's very hands-on involvement across the entire business means you will be directly involved in everything from establishing new hospital partnerships in Africa and designing our new student guesthouse in Europe, to setting up offices, evolving sales strategy and liaising with partner colleges across America.

This is a physical role, with human connections and face-to-face meetings always preferred to Zoom! As a small business spread across three continents, many team members and suppliers are necessarily remote from one another. Your physical presence at the Director's side helping to coordinate those is crucial to their success, and his frequent travel is a deliberate strategy in maintaining very human business relationships.

Another important aspect of your role is as an intelligent and creative sounding board. With key decisions to make every day and constant shifts in priorities as situations chance, it's a huge help for the Director to have someone there before a meeting, in a taxi, at the airport or over lunch to bounce ideas off.

About You

You will be confident, ambitious and driven. You’ll have experience working under pressure in a fast-moving environment and be hungry for a challenging career move.

You'll be spectacularly organized, a natural multitasker, and a confident gatekeeper to ensure nothing gets forgotten.

You'll be a natural optimist, living life with a smile and exuding infectious positivity!

You’ll be an outstanding communicator with an extremely high standard of written English and efficient in producing flawless professional documents.

You’ll be immaculately presented and highly professional in your approach and the image you portray.

You’ll be mature in your attitude and able to create your own work/life balance without set hours or a settled routine.

You may be an experienced Personal or Executive Assistant, or you may be a high-caliber graduate with sufficient work experience to prove you can deliver outside the student environment.

The Company

Global Pre-Meds is a super-specialist brand: We provide unique international experiences for high school and university students who want to stand out from the crowd on their journeys to medical and nursing school.

On our programs in Africa and Europe, our students shadow doctors on the hospital front line, learn about global health, participate in voluntary service projects and have the adventure of a lifetime. They live together in our own exclusive guesthouses, supported around the clock by our passionately dedicated teams.

Ours is primarily an educational brand, but one that reaches into the realms of adventure travel, self-development and premium hospitality.

The experience of Covid-19 has made the experience we offer future health professionals more important than ever. Having re-launched with Covid-resilient programs, 2022 sees us working out of a new sales base in Colorado and greatly expanding our Tanzania and European operations.

The Director

Dave founded his first company in 2005 and has since led the delivery of programs for more than 15,000 students across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

The hands-on leadership Dave provides is a key driver of success across the business, and his PA is indispensable in sharing responsibility to increase that leadership capacity.

Dave typically takes a very detail-focused approach to key decisions and getting projects started, delegating significantly once they are established on a clear path. This means that as his PA your role will be ever-changing more than it is routine. Like Dave, you will need to thrive on variety, change and adventure.

Lifestyle & International Travel

As an employer, we prioritise helping all our people find a healthy work-life balance. However, the nature of this role means you will necessarily be away from home a considerable amount and on an unpredictable schedule. You will not always have set hours and sometimes getting the job done will mean early starts, evenings and weekend working.

Trips away can vary from a few days to several weeks and are often planned and changed at short notice, as the Director responds to unpredictable and evolving situations.

If you want to know your schedule a month in advance, be sure of weekends at home, and turn off your work phone out of hours, this is not the role for you.

You’ll need to work across cultural divides and language barriers, sometimes in parts of the world you know nothing about. And perhaps above all, you’ll need to take the unexpected in your stride.

Base Location

As the Director splits the majority of his time between Denver, Colorado, and Newcastle upon Tyne in England, you can choose to be based in either location.

You will need to have the right to live and work in whichever location you choose, and will be employed locally by either our American or British company.

Whichever location is your base, you should expect to spend time in the other (for which all necessary expenses will be paid by the company).

Application & Selection

To apply, please visit and follow the application instructions in the PDF profile for this role.